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The BSH Number Series NFTs is an NFT based on the Chia blockchain issued by the BSH community 1, referred to as BSHN. It can be quickly browsed through Block Explorer.

BSHN's secondary creation based on the logo (Monkey Brother) created by UFCG2 for the BSH community1. The main body of the NFT is a coin, the obverse is a randomly colored monkey image, and the lower part is the number of the NFT (1-100000). In order to distinguish it from the number in the NFT picture, the number in the NFT name is no longer directly presented in the form of Arabic numerals, but is encoded in base64, for example #NTc0Mg== corresponds to #5742.

In order to echo the 100,000 brothers, the circulation of BSHN is set at 100,000. Due to the large number, it adopts the mode of changing distribution and casting. The whole process of distribution and casting is completed automatically by the program, and the source code of the corresponding program is open source on the [GitHub platform] ( All NFT files are stored in GitHub and nft.storage3

  1. The BSH community is a community organization established to commemorate Chia's legendary 'Brother Shiwan'. For details, please refer to The Story of Brother Shiwan 

  2. The Ultimate Farmers Club (UFC) is one of the first NFT projects built on the Chia blockchain. The genesis collection(UFCG) contains 250 uniquely hand drawn profile pictures of farm animals. For details, please refer to [Ultimate Farmers Club] ( 

  3. NFT.Storage allows developers to store NFT data on a distributed network, making the process easy, safe, and free! With just a few lines of code, anyone can secure persistent storage of NFTs with the help of IPFS and Filecoin.