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BSHN only supports purchase from the community through the community's token BSH1, and BSH can be obtained by participating in various activities held by the community from time to time. Of course, the BSHN you purchased can be sold through other channels, such as dexie2.

The standard selling price of BSHN is 10000BSH, which is currently sold automatically by the program. Put BSH into a specific address, and you will receive the corresponding amount of BSHN later. Go to the Mint page to start minting.


The community will launch special promotions from time to time, and you can follow our twitter for specific prices.


The entered BSH must be an integer multiple of the sales unit price, otherwise it will be rounded up and the excess will not be refunded.


Please pay special attention: the circulation of BSH is 1 billion, and the circulation of BSHN is 100,000, both of which are relatively large. Nothing on this page constitutes investment advice.

  1. BSH is a token issued by the BSH Community, and the code comes from Brother Shiwan. 

  2. dexie is a decentralized trading platform of Chia chain.